Brunch Review: Bayside Restaurant

I'm not sure why Jenn and I don't go to Sunday Brunch more. For me it's one of my favorite meals ever. It combines foods from all three meal categories (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) and usually comes with bottomless champagne. Over the memorial day weekend Jenn and I went to the Bayside Restaurant for brunch. Their setup is slightly different then the typical Sunday brunch buffet changing that instead for a set 2-course menu with bottomless champagne.

After being seated we were given the rundown on brunch and poured us two glasses of champagne. He preceded to re-fill our glasses as we glanced at the menu and throughout our brunch. We lucked out and came on a slightly busy day so we had great service. I started my brunch off with a chopped salad while Jenn started off with a minestrone soup. Both were quite good. 

For our main course Jenn went with the waiters recommendation of the Spicy Italian Sausage Hash. If you're wondering like I was what she ordered, according to the menu its house made potato gnocchi, sweet peppers, parsley, parmesan and a fried hen egg. She absolutely loved it although thought it was a little to rich for a brunch entree. I went with the Bayside Benedict which was their take on one of my favorite brunch dishes, the eggs benedict. Their version had an incredible sauce but was marred by their brioche bread they used as the base which soaked up anything good about the dish. It wasn't bad by any means but was far from the best eggs benedict. 

All in all Bayside Restaurant had a solid brunch. It wasn't overly expensive and had a good variety of options. I thought everything we got was really good although a bit too rich for brunch. For any shortcomings in the food department, they made up with, with service and champagne. There are still a ton of great brunch places to go to so I doubt we will go back, but I do think Bayside Restaurant is a good option if you're in the Balboa area. 

The sign of a good brunch.