Dinner Review: North Italia

I'm so happy to be writing another post about Jenn and I trying a new place to eat. We're foodies through and through, and 2016 has been our resurgence into eating at new places. Before we went to go see The Book of Mormon we drove to a brand new restaurant in Irvine called North Italia. And I'm so glad we did. 

We started out with drinks I had a beer (Peroni) and Jenn had a glass of Cab. I really wish we would have written down what Jenn got because it was out of this world. We then started out with their fried calamari which was put on a bed of greens with an amazing oil and vinegar. Jenn loves her calamari and I tolerate it, but this was one of the better calamari dishes we've ordered. 

The stand out though were the entrees. Jenn had (to no surprise to anyone) the spaghetti bolognese. Now that we make our pasta fresh we have a good idea of what that tastes like and it sure seemed like North Italia was serving an incredibly fresh plate of pasta. I ordered one of the best pizza's I've had this side of the atlantic. It was a breakfast pizza with an egg over easy in the middle, with bacon and potatoes on the pizza. Easily one of the best I've had in a long time. 

We finished the meal with an odd but delicious caramel mouse desert that was topped with just a little bit of ice cream. It was excellent but a little too rich for my taste, we probably should have went with the tiramisu. Regardless though North Italia was a big surprise for us. What seemed like a chain Italian restaurant turned out to be one that I absolutely think we will eat at again before the year is up.