Chef Joel & Jenn: Honey Sriracha Lime Chicken Skillet

It's hard to imagine but this is already our fourth new recipe we've cooked in 2016. When you consider that almost every other weekend something has been going on I will take it. We've been oscillating between two different cookbooks. This week we are back with Dinner For Two and we decided if we are really going to give this cookbook a go, we should cook what's on the cover. In this case that's a Siracha Lime Chicken. 

Unlike many of the recipes we've done for Chef Joel & Jenn much of the ingredients we either had already or would be happy to have in our kitchen. For example I love Siracha but when I ran out a year ago I never got around to buying another one. But that's besides the point. This recipe is as straight forward as they come. We started off by making the sauce which was taking all of the ingredients (that weren't the chicken) and stirring them together. Then you cook the chicken in a pan with a little olive oil. After it's got a good crisp to it you then put the sauce in and let it simmer in there for a while.

The last step was throwing it in the oven with the broiler on high. I've never used the broiler and at this point am not sure exactly what it does other then make the oven crazy hot. It gave the chicken a really nice char and sealed in the glaze. We served the chicken with a rice pilaf from Whole Foods. I would say that the chicken was exactly as flavorful as the pictures looked if not a little spicy. We might have added a little too much Siracha for our tastes. Otherwise it was a good solid dish, not great, but a nice Sunday evening meal. 

Because this recipe came from a cookbook I'm not going to post the recipe. If you want it you should buy the book Dinner for Two

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