Lunch Review: Sushi Roku

Since purchasing & selling the house all in the same year we haven't had a ton of time to try our new restaurants. Which is a shame because even more then cooking meals I love having professionals cook for me. What's even better is to go to a restaurant that makes things I'd never dream or have any desire to make like Sushi. This past weekend Jenn and I were out and about on Saturday and headed to Fashion Island (our old stomping grounds). We were thinking of hitting up Wahoos when Jenn proclaimed that she wanted Sushi for her birthday.

We stumbled upon Sushi Roku a brand new Sushi Restaurant near Barnes and Noble. It took the spot of one of our old favorites at Fashion Island Pascal's which was served french cuisine. After a year of renovations Sushi Roku opened and we've been wanting to try it for a while now. Being that we were in the celebrating mood Jenn started off with a cocktail called Roku Fusion. Not sure what was in it but it was great. 

For our sushi choice we both went with the lunch special called the Chef's Assortment of Sushi with Miso Soup. It was described as 6 pieces of nigiri sushi - tuna, yellowtail, albacore, salmon, shrimp, fluke with spicy tuna or California roll. Jenn went with the California Roll and I had the Spicy Tuna rolls. Jenn also ordered a side of white rice (don't ask I have no idea why she loves rice so much). 

When lunch ended there wasn't one grain of rice left. I'm note exaggerating. I say with 100% confidence that the only thing left was the remnants of soy sauce. The sushi was incredible. Besides Wasa Sushi (which I consider to be on the same level) I've never had as fresh or as delicious of Sushi as I did this past weekend at Sushi Roku. And these were all pretty basic. I cannot wait to go back and try some of their specialty rolls. Until then I will just stare longingly at these pictures and dream of those spicy tuna rolls for another ten minutes.