The Celebrity Cruises Great Wine Festival - Round 2

Last year Jenn stumbled upon an advertisement for The Celebrity Cruises Great Wine Festival and we both knew we had to go. It was an incredible day at the OC Great Park and one we knew right after we exited the park last year we would be back. A year later and we are back and had yet another great time. 

After a busy morning of typical weekend chores (groceries, cleaning, etc) we headed over to the OC Great Park for our second annual go at the Celebrity Cruises Great Wine Festival. We tried to have a better plan of attack this year. Last year we had so much wine to start that by the time we found the food we were already pretty far gone. This time we actually started with food and then intermingled both food and wine throughout the hour and a half we were at the event.

We tried at least a dozen wines between the two of us, a bourbon, some jello shots (which were horrible) and I had a couple of beers. They had more food this year as well which was great. The two highlights on the food side of things were Brio Tuscan Grille which had an incredible tortellini and The Melting Pot which had trio of deserts (brownie, strawberry, and rice crispy treat) dumped in chocolate. 

After the wine event we headed to Starbucks to sober up a bit before driving to Riverside to watch the extremely boring Paquio v Mayweather fight. Spoiler, Mayweather won easily. 

We had such a great time at the wine event. It combines two of our favorite things wine and food into a nice event. I know I speak for both of us when I say we cannot wait for round 3.