Breakfast Review: Queenstown Public House

As I mentioned in our review of our breakfast at Richard Walker's Pancake House we've been staying down in San Diego quite a bit recently. With everything going on its been a nice reprieve to just get away. One of the things we've loved about being down there is the incredible food options. Since we've been on this breakfast kick recently, we decided to take one of Jenn's co-workers recommendations and try out Queenstown Public House which is near Little Italy. 

The restaurant had a really cool vibe. It. You could tell the place does good business. After walking a little over a mile to get here we sat down at a nice table. Jenn started with orange juice and I had a cup of a coffee. Had it been Saturday (and not Sunday) and had we not had to drive home that day we probably would have gone with some of their Mimosa's or Sangria. 

For breakfast Jenn went boring (even though I told her the faithful readers of World of Joel would have preferred something more exciting) and had eggs and bacon and I got fried chicken and waffles. Jenn completely devoured her meal. For me it was a tale of two meals. The fried chicken was not exaggerating the best fried chicken I've ever had. I mean the best. Super flavorful, juicy, absolutely perfect. The waffles on the other hand were pretty standard fare. 

We made our way from breakfast and walked back through Little Italy (wow is there a lot of great places to eat in there) and back through the marina. Although I loved Richard Walker's Pancake House, if I was to pick between the two for breakfast again, I think I'd make the trek back to Queenstown Public House.