Dinner Review: Wasa Sushi

This past Friday marked the end of Jenn's half-day Fridays at Taco Bell. To help ease the pain of a full Friday of work I picked her up at her office and we drove across the street to Irvine Spectrum to get some dinner. In the past couple of months Jenn has finally come around to my way of thinking and has started to fall in love with Sushi. Finally! With her new found love for Sushi we wanted to check out Wasa Sushi which got pretty good reviews on Yelp.

We started off with drinks. Jenn got a glass of Merlot and I had a Kirin. I'm not a huge fan of Kirin (it was the best option) but Jenns Merlot was actually really good, especially for six bucks. One disappointment with Wasa Sushi is that they don't do happy hour on Fridays. A missed opportunity. We started off with their Calamari which was really good. A small offering but really well seasoned and had an excellent citrus sauce to dip into.

For our main course we went with three different Sushi offerings. We started off with both some Philadelphia Rolls and Salmon Rolls. For our main roll we got the Sky Dragon rolls which were out of this world, some of the best Sushi i've ever had. The Sky Dragon roll had California roll, spicy tuna, avocado & tiger shrimp on top. All the sushi was super fresh and delicious. It was some of the best sushi I've ever had. 

And on a random note, Jim Rome a sports radio personality I've listened to since I was a a kid with my Dad stopped by the sushi restaurant  but didn't want to wait for a table and left. It was pretty great to see him in person though. 

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