Dinner Review: Crow Bar and Kitchen

It seems like every time Jake comes down to visit we always have the conundrum of what to eat for dinner. It used to be that we would instantly choose Outback and move on, but those days are in the rear view mirror. Not sure when it happened but we all grew out of the Cinnamon Oblivion phase. This past Saturday we went to church and then went to The Crow Bar and Kitchen in Corona del Mar. 


We each started with a drink, I had a Blanche de Bruxelles (Belgium Beer), Jake had a beer I can't remember, and Jenn had a glass of Pinot Noir. They have a very eclectic menu of drinks which always makes it challenging but I believe we all enjoyed our drinks. For our main entrees Jake got the Cubano sandwich, I had the Crow Burger with duck fat fries, and Jenn had the special grilled cheese which had bacon, onions, and fried egg. It might be the first sandwich I've ever seen Jenn eat. Everyone cleaned their plates, I mean literally there wasn't a scrape of food left when we were done.

After dinner, Jenn and her crazy plans had us go down to the beach where the sun had just about set. We had some foreign lady on vacation take our picture in complete darkness, but it was fun anyways. After the beach we drove to Albertsons and picked up some Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars and headed back home to marathon seven episodes of New Girl on Netflix.

That's what I call a great Saturday evening.