Dinner Review: Lark Creek

This past Friday Jenn and I got to try a new restaurant at Fashion Island, and it wasn't on purpose. Jenn got home around 5:30 and we walked over to Yard House to enjoy their Happy Hour. We go probably once every month or two more for the Wine/Beer then the food but it's always a great time and their Happy Hour deals are top notch. However this past Friday it was not meant to be as the wait was a half hour which would take us over the Happy Hour time and the bar was completely packed. So we made an executive decision to try a restaurant we had been wanting to eat at for a while, Lark Creek.

Lark Creek took the spot of The Daily Grill at Fashion Island which was a restaurant we frequented quite often, also for their Happy Hour. After a year of renovations Lark Creek took their spot and let me tell you we were impressed. We started with drinks, Jenn got a glass of Pinot Noir and I had my first Manhattan (which I'm now a big fan of).

To start with we went with their crispy calamari. There were three different dipping sauces to choose from and each paired nicely with the calamari. For our main entree we split prime rib. A once staple for Jenn and I we don't order it as much as we used to. However it was a Friday night special at Lark Creek so we went for it. It came with delicious side of mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. I'm not normally a big cream spinach fan but this was pretty great. The prime rib itself was also fantastic. Perfectly cooked and had more flavor then I think I've ever had in a piece of Prime Rib.

After dinner we walked over and got an obligatory Friday night staple, a Red Velvet Caseys Cupcake and capped off a perfect evening. Sometimes the best plans are ones you don't make and our dinner at Lark Creek was just that.