Can't Get Better Then This Date Night

Since coming back from China/Bali we have been super busy. The month of October is a literal blur. Rolling into November both Jenn and I decided we needed to get back to our Friday Night date night routine. So last weekend we bought a Travelzoo deal to The Ritz (walking distance from our apartment) and got tickets to Michael Canaugh at the Segerstrom Concert Hall in Costa Mesa who was playing the best of Elton John. 

Dinner was absolutely fantastic. We had an awesome secluded table at the back of the restaurant and a waitress who was a lot less stuffy then the one we had when we had lunch there on my birthday. The clientele at The Ritz are 55+ and that might be generous. To say we were the youngest ones there is not a stretch. 

We started off with a glass of champagne each, well actually I had both of our glasses while Jenn had a glass of red wine. We started off with one of my favorite appetizers, the escargot. Jenn even partook and for the first time enjoyed them. Some of the best I've ever had for sure. From there we went to our second courses where I got the Ritz Salad and Jenn got the Lobster Bisque. I love their Ritz Salad its got their house dressing with both shrimp and crab. For our main courses Jenn went with lamb and I went with the filet. Both plates were gigantic. Much more food then you would normally expect from a restaurant like this. 

For desert Jenn went with the chef's recommendation which was a Cheesecake while I went with the chocolate lava cake. Both were out of this world and I seriously needed a cup of coffee to stop from passing out from all the food. Luckily Jenn drove from The Ritz off to Segerstrom (ten minutes away) and we made it with a couple of minutes to spare before the performance began.

We literally knew nothing about Michael Canaugh before we got there other then he was going to play Elton John. The first half of the performance was a random spattering of movie themes played by the orchestra. Most of the movies we have never seen but it was enjoyable nonetheless. After a brief fifteen minute intermission Canaugh came onstage and played ten Elton John songs with the full Orange County orchestra behind him. It was a great show, tons of energy and a super enjoyable evening. 

Truly a fantastic date night.