Dinner Review: Simply Fondue (Mission Viejo)

This past weekend we used our $49 Travelzoo for a four course dinner at Simply Fondue in Mission Viejo. The Travelzoo got us two salads, a cheese fondue, a choice of four meat choices, and a chocolate fondue. It also came with two glasses of wine. 


Simply Fondue is cradled in an old shopping center right off the 241 toll road. We made reservations a few days before the voucher was set to expire so getting a reservation was tough. Luckily we got a 7:30pm reservation on Saturday 7/28/12 and it worked out perfectly for our day. 

We both got a glass of red wine to start, Jenn had a Merlot and I had a Cab. We started off with two salads; well I guess I did since Jenn doesn't eat salad. So I got a wedge salad with blue cheese dressing and a Caesar salad. Both salads were actually really good and a nice start to the meal.


Next up was the cheese fondue which came with a plate of things to dip with including bread, carrots, celery, apples (weird combo), and a few other vegetables that we didn't touch. We had the Mediterranean Cheese which was pretty good but this is neither Jenn or my favorite course of the meal.


Post cheese it was time for the main entree where we got to choose four entrees to cook in the fondue pot. We chose to go with the beef tenderloin, chicken, and two kinds of shrimp. The chicken was the worst of the bunch and the shrimp the best. It's always funny watching Jenn cook food she is very deliberate in her timing of cooking when the waitress told us two minutes per item she instantly took her phone out and timed the cooking. I told her a few seconds on either side of two minutes would be fine but she didn't have that for a second. The food itself was really quite delicious and nothing better then being able to try different sauces to cook it with.


Of course nothing beats desert at a Fondue Restaraunt and today was no exception. We opted for the Baileys and Cream Chocolate which is milk chocolate with a good helping of Bailey's (a staple in the Szerlip household). This was to die for. We had rice crispy treats, bananas and strawberries, and brownies to dip it in. We even asked for more rice crispy treats which were out of this world good. 


More then anything you go to a fondue restaurant for the experience. And that is exactly what we got an amazing date night. One side note try to wear clothes that you won't mind throwing in the wash right when you get home, because it doesn't matter what Fondue place you go to you just reek of the restaurant and its hard to get rid of. 

I give Simply Fondue the Szerlip Thumbs Up.