A Wonderful Dinner at Amelia's Restaurant on Balboa Island

Another weekend and another fantastic Travelzoo. Around six months ago Jenn and I went to Amelia's Restaurant on Balboa Island with a $40 Groupon and loved it. When we saw the Travelzoo had a $59 4-Course meal with Wine I purchased it right after it posted. So this past weekend (Saturday 6/2) we had the opportunity to drive the mile to the restaurant and enjoy an incredibly tasty meal. 


We started off with a bottle of 2009 ClosDu Bois Cabernet Sauvignon (our favorite) and our first course, Calamari which was quite delicious. 


After the delicious appetizer we went to the Soup/Salad portion of our meal. Jenn went with the Minestrone and I went with the Clam Bisque. Both were quite good, although my Clam Bisque was a little too creamy for my taste.


My favorite part, the main course. Although I had a tough time deciding (nothing new there) Jenn went straight ahead with her staple of Spaghetti with Meatballs. I decided to try to get the full vouchers worth and go the Filet Mignon with Pasta. My Filet was a bit on the small side but outside of that everything was absolutely delicious. 


And then it was onto everyone's favorite portion of the meal, desert. At this point we were both on the full side but we decided heck why not have a little desert it comes with the voucher. I went with the Tiramisu and Jenn had their special of the night, Cheesecake. Both deserts were delicious. 


It was a truly delicious meal and did I mention we loved the wine (plus I loved the lady's expression behind me). 


Another great Travelzoo and Date Night experience. Even though we didn't walk down to Balboa (our normal procedure) it was still a romantic and fun evening. It is just so nice to get out and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us from every direction. I pray we have so many more of these amazing date nights because I know for a fact we both love them. Until next time bon appetite.