Possibly the Best Burger I Have Ever Had

I really should write more about food, it truly is a passion of mine. In fact I should say a passion of both Jenn and I. If you have ever wondered what Jenn and I spend money on it is eating out, we love to eat out. A few weekends back we began to look for a house to buy in Irvine. For those who know Jenn and I you know that its not necessarily the closest location to our current jobs but we are pretty in love with the area and are hopeful in the future that we can eventually move to jobs that would be closer.

Irvine for those non SoCal residents is in the heart of the OC and is just a truly a beautiful area. So I am getting off topic so we were down in Irvine looking at houses and we got hungry and we stumbled on a burger place called The Counter: Custom Built Burger. There methods were different, they gave you a small pencil and a check list. What the list was, was a list of items to place on your burger. I went with a burger with lettuce, hard boiled eggs, cheese, and honey mustard. There were plenty of choices of cheese, toppings, sauces, buns, and burgers to choose from. The burger was delicious, juicy, tender, and extremely filling.

Wondering about the menu? Here is a link to their custom burger menu. The burgers were a good price, and we split a order of half french fries and onion rings. It was one of those meals that we went into with very little in terms of expectations and came out of it big fans. I love a good burger, and this place truly hit that passion.