Book Review: Legion

I read a lot of Brandon Sanderson in 2014 (3 of my 26 books) and enjoyed all of them. On a recent Audible sale I picked up both Legion and Legion: Skin Deep without even reading the description of the book. After listening to the very short Legion I can say that its a very different Sanderson then I've ever read. Instead of his normal hardcore fantasy writing with complex magic systems, Legion is a relatively tame mystery. 

The story follows Stephen Leeds who you meet at the beginning of this novel in his mansion where he introduces the reader to his many imaginary friends. Yes that's right he has a bunch of imaginary personas. These persona's are used to increase his intellect and solve a slue of mysteries. The first we're introduced to is a camera that can take pictures of the past. As long as its pointing at something it can take a picture of that spot throughout history. When the camera goes missing he boards a flight to Israel where the cameras inventor is trying to either prove or disprove Christianity.

Its a really great short story and one that I finished in a day. I cannot wait to read the next novel and see where the story goes. I hope it continues with this historical camera because it could have some major ramifications on both the world and Stephen Leeds.