Book Review: Timebound

I love time-travel novels. It might be my favorite genre. I picked up Timebound as part of the Amazon Kindle Owner's Lending Library. I started this one a couple of months ago and just never got around to finishing it, until now. Given the long time it took me to finish Timebound, you can probably guess my overall thoughts.

Basic idea of Timebound is a young girl who's given a medallion that allows her and others like her to travel through time. Unlike books like Stephen King's 11-22-63 or Diana Gabaldon's Outlander who use time-travel as an interesting plot device, Timebound makes it the crux of the novel. It almost plays out more like how bad can we confuse the reader on all the time travel that's going on. There are so many different strains of time that I had a really tough time keeping up.

If you're planning on reading Timebound I'd recommend to stop reading this review right now. Ok so you're still reading, here comes a huge spoiler. After the book comes to a close almost everything that happens in the novel is inconsequential because of the last jump in time. Throughout the novel the plot moves forward and at the very end Rysa Walker throws most of it away. A cheap time-travel ploy to keep the the series going. Unfortunately it didn't work on me as this is the one and only book in this franchise I'm reading.