Book Review: Steelheart

I've never read a book about super heroes. In a lot of ways I missed the entire comic book world and am only a fan from a distance. I enjoy the lore, the enthusiasm of the fans, and even enjoy when they bring those comic book characters to life in movies. But something about the book Steelheart from Brandon Sanderson drew me in. Not sure if it was the high praise many have given Sanderson on his recent novels, or the amazing cover for the book, but one thing is for sure I'm so glad I read Steelheart.


Steelheart is a book that flips the script on other super hero tales. Instead of the good guys being super heroes, its all the bad people in the world who are given powers while the rest of the world is left to fend for themselves. Steelheart is considered a young adult novel which is both its greatest strength and weakness. Strength because it makes for a lighter easier read that is instantly entertaining, and weakness because it does have Sanderson shying away from the grittier details of life under these super heroes rule. We get tastes but you get the sense that he is giving it to you in small bit size portions.

All in all though Steelheart is one of the most entertaining listens I've had in a long time and I cannot wait for the next one. Count me in Sanderson I've officially boarded the reckoners train.