Hit My Goal of Reading 26 Books in 2014

I've really fallen in love with reading over the past couple of years. As a kid I always felt like I wanted to get into it but just could never find the patience. Even to this day sitting down to actually read a book is a challenge. That's why when I discovered audiobooks (and more specifically Audible) it was the perfect match for me. I commute for two hours a day; what better way to pass the time then by expanding my mind by listening to books. In 2012 & 2013 I hit my goal of 25 books a year. Not wanting to push the envelope too far I made my goal for this year at 26. The good news is as of the end of last week (December 16th) I made my goal of reading 26 books in 2014.

The one new thing I did in 2014 was review every book I read. Nothing elaborate. I just wanted to be able to jot down a couple of thoughts on each book so that if for some reason down the road I forgot about what I read I could use my blog as a quick refresher. Understandably they weren't my most visited posts on the blog but I enjoyed them all the same. 

When I wrote about last year's reading challenge I wrote a bit about the fact that I had only a couple of 5 star reviews. Unfortunately where in 2013 I had four 5 star reads, in 2014 I only had two. Here's a breakdown of my reading stats for 2014

5 Star Reads: 2 (8%)

Steelheart & The Martian

4 Star Reads: 8 (31%)

Twelve Years a Slave, Outlander, 1776, Winter of the World, Blood Song, The Auschwit Escape, and Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt

3 Star Reads: 11 (42%)

Replay, The Rithmatist, The Last Policeman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Countdown City, Love Life, Be Careful What You Wish ForWorld of Trouble, Mr Mercedes, Revival, and The Slow Regard of Silent Things

2 Star Reads: 5 (19%)

Timebound, Winter is Coming, All the Light We Cannot See, California, and Food: A Love Story

So another great year of reading is in the books. I'm ready for 2015 where my goal will be 26 books!