Book Review: World of Trouble

I'm so conflicted on the entire Last Policeman trilogy. I purchased each of the three books in the hopes that it would build to a climatic conclusion. On paper these books are right up my alley. The world is coming to an end, and Detective Hank Palace is trying to figure out what to do with the remaining months of his life. The first two novels (The Last Policeman & Countdown City) were both good entertaining short reads. Nice appetizers in between some of my more meaty reads this year.


Out of the three books World of Trouble is probably my least favorite. Its not a bad book but I just found Hank's motives and mindset to be completely unbelievable. The fact that Hank is continuing to be a detective until the very last moments of humans existence doesn't even make sense. He has this vendetta to find a sister that throughout the novels never seems to really want to spend the remaining time alive with him. I also never got the feeling that Hank was a real person. He always felt like an ideal of a detective at the end of the world.

There were some interesting moments but I was kind of left without any emotion. I'm just not sure the idea of a detective at the end of the world made for the best story. I think it could have but this wasn't it. Still its a entertaining short read and a journey that although not exciting was worth the journey nonetheless.