Book Review: Exile

I have been on a weird phase as of late. The majority of the audio books that I have been listening to have some sort of middle eastern theme to them. Whether it be The Kite Runner or my latest read/listen through of Exile by Richard North Patterson. I bought this book for a number of reasons the two books I wanted to buy were not out yet and secondly it had been one I had contemplated a few times before and just never went through with. So I finally buckled down and picked up Exile for my first 20+ hour read through.

Exile by Richard North Patterson

As I mentioned this was the longest Audible book I have read thus far and for me that was probably Exile's worst characteristic. It was far to long and drawn out to the point where you found yourself not caring for long periods of time. The overall story is about a graduate of Harvard Law who falls in love with a woman who is already predetermined to marry another man. The story comes back thirteen years later and he is now defending her in court as she is convicted of murdering the President of Israel.

What was somewhat upsetting to me was how much detail and time they put into pointless ventures while the the ending clearly just comes to a really disappointing confusing. I understand everything can't tie up all nice in a neat bow but some semblance at the end of the book would have been nice. Overall I can't say I was overly pleased with this book, although it had a few ups it had far to many downs. If I was to give a grade to this book it would be a C-.