Book Review: Your Heart Belongs to Me

It probably should tell me right away how much I didn't like a book when I am trying to write the post and all I can remember is the author and not the title. So Audible had a great $9.99 deal for Dean Koontz's latest mystery thriller Your Heart Belongs to Me a short listen about an internet entrepreneur. Sounds perfect right, I at least thought so. I have only read only one Dean Koontz book in my life, in fact it was an audio book way back when on a long drive somewhere on a family vacation. This had to be at least ten years ago and to this day I still remember a lot of that book and so I figured this would be a good way to see if I still liked Dean Koontz as an author.

Your Heart Belongs to Me - Dean Koontz

Your Heart Belongs to me first off makes 0 sense. I am not going to spoil the ending but when you invest eight hours of your life into something you want to at least have some sort of enjoyment out of the process. I just never could wrap my hands around this book. You have this really rich guy who has everything, and his heart goes bad and he suspects the world of wrong doing. The mystery unravels and everytime the book tries to make you question you instead just wonder if your supposed to care.

It wasn't a bad book but the love story was just odd, the main character was sort of odd, and I just never could connect. I got to the point about 3-4 hours in that I was thinking of giving up, but then I realized I had gotten to the point of no return, there was no choice but to go forward and just finish it out. Looking back I wish I would have just gave up it was just a really odd, somewhat depressing read that made me hesitate to want to read Dean Koontz again.