Book Review: A Prisoner of Birth

There are very few times that I have been truly captivated by a story, but A Prisoner of Birth by Jefferey Archer was one of the best novels I have ever read (or I should say listened to). A Prisoner of Birth was the latest book I purchased from I will get to the novel in one moment but first let me just say that my hat goes off to Roger Allam who did the narration for this book. Roger Allam a somewhat known British Actor couldn't have done a better job bringing this story to life. After listening to the 16+ hour book you could see his acting shine through with so many different accents and personalities that really made this book a privilege to listen to.

A Prisoner of Birth

The book itself tells the story of Danny Cartwright a simple down to earth man who goes out to celebrate his engagement to the love of his life with his best friend. The bad timing among other things finds Danny in jail and from there the story is something out of the pages of The Count of Monte Cristo. In fact Jefferey Archer who does an interview at the end of the audio book tells of this comparison and tells of how he thinks his story is better, which having read both, I 100% agree.

I listened to this novel with Jenn and we would get giddy before sitting down to read. This was the first audio book that Jenn has asked me if I wanted to listen to it, it was that good. The story has such a good soul that if your wanting to try an audio book this is the book that truly shows how great of a medium audio books really are. If you have a commute into work, time to spare, or just wanting to give an audio book a chance then A Prisoner of Birth would be the best choice I could ever think of. Its truly one of the best and most engaging novels I have ever had the privilege of listening to.

Favorite Quote:

"Think like Danny, act like Nick"

(When you read the book you will 100% understand it)