Book Review: Playing for Pizza

I have read now my fair share of audio books, in fact Jenn and I are currently running through another one right now. With our big trip this summer coming up, and school wrapping up I did stop my Audible account at least for now. With that being said the last book I bought with my Audible subscription is Playing for Pizza a book by John Grisham. I read The Broker by Grisham a few months ago and loved it. The Broker was set mostly in Italy, and after reading online it seems as though the country had a big place in the heart of the author as Playing for Pizza also sets itself into this location, this time in Parma, Italy. The book was about an NFL Quarterback who had some pretty bad stints in the league, and was hated so much that they really through him out of the country, and he ended up playing in the Italian NFL.

Playing for Pizza John Grisham

What was so interesting was that the main character Rick was one of the few paid athletes on the Parma Football team and in fact the majority of the Italian Football players literally played for the fun of the game which is why this book was so entertaining, it was refreshing to hear people playing for the love of the game. The book was a quick read, short and sweet, nothing to deep, nothing to jaw-dropping, just a good story and a good read. If you need a quick book this isn't a bad choice by any means.