Book Review: The Road

I have never read a book by Cormac McCarthy, in fact I have heard some mixed things about his style of writing but I read the brief summary for his book The Road and decided that this would be a great quick read. I started The Road on Friday February 15 on my way to school and finished it on my way back from work on Saturday the 16th. The book was only six hours and I felt a bit like I might not be getting my money value on buying this book with my Audible subscription. However the book was a Pulitzer Prize winner as well as a book on Oprah's Book Club so I decided to give it a go.

The book itself is about a father and son's journey in a post apocalyptic world.  The names of the father and son are never given. What happened in the world to cause this massive devastation is never told nor is it ever necessarily discussed. The book follows the father and son's journey down "The Road" south to get to warmer climates. I am not going to give anything away in this book because the encounters that the father and son go through are so intense and so heart wrenching that I can't even describe sitting in rush hour traffic listening to the book on tape.

Tom Stechschulte who did the narration for this book was excellent. He had two tones, one for the dad and one for the son, and the way in which he captured both of those characters was beyond impressive, it really made the book. I can't imagine reading the book without having Tom Stechschulte read it. He truly brought this book to life.

The Road Book

Favorite Quote:

The word "ok" was used in the book I would say over 1,000 times throughout the book. If you read this book you see the different ranges of the word, and how the son and dad use the word. I was captivated by the relationship and just the struggle for survival.

If you haven't read this book,  and don't have much time to do a big read, this is a perfect book. Its a quick read, its a read that I would really recommend, just be warned its a pretty dark read.